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Biometric Time Clocks

Choices available in biometric timeclocks:

Sundial offers options for businesses that need biometric time clocks. They come with a powerful set of features for both web and desktop users.

If you'd like some helpful know-how, we will be happy to walk you through the evaluation process, comparing size, installation procedure, boimetric time clock features and prices to help you make your evaluation. Just call 1-888-541-8463 and let us show you some of the advantages that one system may have over another or what system might be best for your particular situation.

...that setting up the biometric timeclocks would be so easy. Plugged it in and logged into RealTime. The next day employees each had to enter their fingerprint and that was it - they love the new fingerprint clock. Payroll is taking about half the time, and is accurate.

John P. - S.P.I.
(Washington based
wood products)
Face Recognition

Biometric Hand Punch Time Clock Facial Recognition Time Clocks paired with Fingerprint gives you biometric assurance, while giving your employee fast and easy time clock options. Audible and visual confirmation prevents missed punches. Pause briefly in front of the camera and get a Voice Response and visual success confirmation.


Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock
Fingerprint Time Clocks are fast, simple to use, and affordable. This biometric time clock allows you to implement a "Touch and Go" operation for your employees. Just place a finger, and the employee will be given an audible "Thank you" message. Punching in or out is quick and easy, and requires no cards or key fobs.

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