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PCTimeClock Lite™

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Free Time Clock Software
Please note that this software is an Add-On to your RealTime software. It is not a complete, stand-alone solution.

This Software-Based Time Clock utility provides a great way for employees to punch the clock right from their own workstations, or from a centrally located computer station.

This Time Clock software utility supports all the basic transaction options, delivers transaction information to the RealTime database instantly, and can even provide the employees with up to the moment, "Self Service" information, including Current Status, Last Punch, Total Hours Today, Total Hours This Period and Total Hours Last Period

Easily Configurable - Easily configure this Time Clock software to request only the information you need. Configuration options include the ability to restrict it's use to specific employees, as well as complete control of interface colors allowing you to match or compliment your own color scheme.

Secure - PCTimeClock Lite is capable of requesting the Time of Day from a Time Server on your network or even on the Internet, eliminating an employees temptation to falsify time records.

Free - PCTimeClock Lite is provided free with your RealTime administration software. Install this software at each computer where you want your Employees to be able to Punch a Time Clock.

Download Here - Use this link to download the Installer (16MB)

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