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RealTime™ Web (SaaS)

(Why SaaS?)
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  • Eliminate costs related to initial Software purchase, installation, supporting system hardware, maintenance, and software updates.
  • Easy to implement plus expert technical support included if you have questions.
  • Subscription based licensing allows you to use all the benefits of a large scale product while paying an affordable per employee price.
  • Enhanced accessibility available 24/7 from anywhere you have internet.



Administrative application
  • Manager and Supervisor account types
  • Calculations are always current
  • Automatic lunch deductions
  • Automatic Holiday generation
  • Flexible rounding rules
  • Notification of Exceptions
  • 8 distinct levels of time grouping
  • 10 types of paid time off
  • 10 type of monetary records
  • Easy Editing
  • Multiple input and clock support
  • Customize and Save reports
  • Payroll Exports
  • Configurable rules


Employee Self Service application
  • See their Status
  • Check their hours
  • Punch the clock (when permitted)
  • Identify Exceptions


Status and Punch application
  • See Employee In/Out Status
  • Punch the Clock

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