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Web Time Clock Software for Your Time and Attendance needs.

Easy Employee Time Tracking from anywhere

You will save time, save money and eliminate errors by implementing new time clock systems and replacing out of date time clock systems with our Web Based Time Clock and Online Software.

RealTime Web is the perfect Web Based Time and Attendance Software for small, medium and large companies. Online Employee Timekeeping Software allows for effective management and monitoring from anywhere.

Web Based Time and Attendance Software

RealTime Web: Delivering a Solid Attendance Solution, Every Time

Sundial offers Web Based Time and Attendance Software customers a flexible mix of Management Tools, Employee Self Service and Time Clock Options.
  • Dedicated hosting provides high visibility, high performance, and up-to-the-minute accuracy.
  • RealTime technologies give you visibility and control of labor issues instantly.
  • WebConnect™ Our Employee Online Self service Software gives employees access to their Time Records, Web Punching, Web Time Sheet and more.
  • Compatible with Sundial Web Based Clocks

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RealTime Web and WebConnect

Sundial Time Clocks

Sundial offers an assortment of Time Clock choices that include Biometric Time Clocks, Fingerprint Time Clocks, Proximity Time Clocks, HID Time Clocks, and Badge Based Time Clocks.
Answer just a few questions about your company's structure and workforce size, and we'll work up a plan that's customized specifically for you:
Management Tools
Sundial's RealTime™ Time and Attendance software streamlines the payroll process, giving you the management tools to track employee time from single or multiple locations, and simplifies complex time reporting needs. RealTime™ automatically collects punch-in and punch-out data from each employee time clock in real-time, providing payroll personnel with up-to-the-minute employee status details.

Employee Time Clocks
Different employee time clocks can be used together. For example a multi-location company with roaming employees can use the best combination of mobile time clocks, biometric timeclocks, Proximity Time Clocks, and badge reader time clocks, depending on site conditions and reporting needs.

Web Based Time Tracking
You asked, and we listened: Time and attendance tracking that handles all the sophisticated requirements you depend on, without a cluttered or bulky interface with options that get in the way of daily tasks. Realtime Web time tracking answers this need, designed with simplicity for common task flows. Access to powerful processing tools is never more than a click away, and automated data collection and application of rules are performed according to straightforward configurable settings.
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