Series 10 Fingerprint Time Clocks

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Series 10 Fingerprint Time Clocks

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An affordable solution to time theft

The Series 10 Fingerprint Time Clock uses biometrics to clock employees in or out effectively eliminating buddy punches and ghost employee problems.

Our touch-and-go systems make clocking easy. Just place a finger on the high-speed optical reader and a combination of voice response and visual cues indicate acceptance.

Series 10 clocks also support standard RFID proximity or pin/password punches making it the timeclock of choice for a wide variety of businesses.

Series 10 Fingerprint Biometric

Plug & Play

Ready to go out of the box, this time clock requires no setup. Just give it electricity and an internet connection and you’re all set.


Customizable, multilingual audio prompts plus visual cues indicate punch acceptance or rejection.

Stand Alone

Continue recording punches even if your internet service is interrupted. Offline punches will be synced withTimekeeper as soon as the connection is reestablished.

Security Enabled

Built-in relays can support external bells or electronic locks for added site security.

Job Switching

In addition to clocking in and out employees can easily switch between jobs or departments for tracking purposes.

Fully Integrated

The Series 10 works seamlessly with TimekeeperWebConnectMobilePunch, and DeskPunch for a complete time and attendance system.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions
    • Width : 6.5 in. (16.5 cm)
    • Height: 5.5 in. (14 cm)
    • Depth: 1.8 in. (4.6 cm)
  • Weight: 0.95 lbs. (0.43 kg)
  • Display: 3.0 in. TFT Color Screen
  • Verification Speed 1 sec or less (typical)
  • Fingerprint Sensor: Optical Fingerprint Sensor
  • Power
    • 12V DC at 1.5A Power
    • Optional: 12V POE injector (sold separately)
    • Optional: 12V Battery Backup (sold separately)
  • Operating Temperature: 32º F to 113º F (0° C to 45° C)
  • Operating Humidity: 5% to 80%
  • Capacity
    • Fingerprint templates: 3,000
    • ID Cards: 10,000
    • Transactions: 100,000
  • Communications: Ethernet, USB Drive, (Optional) Wi-Fi
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