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“Sundial timekeeping has streamlined our payroll system, and the mobile punch for phones has been a wonderful feature for our drivers and remote workers!” 

Bill McMorris, Ford Storage

“Sundial RealTime Web, along with the many different types of time clock options, is by far the most cost effective and convenient way to replace traditional employee time card methods. Taking time tracking to the cloud is definitely the way to go!”

Wyndham Yeung, Chief Systems Consultant,  Icon Network Solutions

“We are a contractor that has 16 time clocks. Sundial time clocks allow us to verify employees time, ensures we are paying the employees correctly (straight time, time and a half, double time), and has the ability to job cost each person’s time. Sundial also was able to create a file for us that can be uploaded directly to our payroll company, eliminating the need for additional data entry. Using the time clocks eliminates employees trying to remember where they were and for how long…which means more accurate time keeping.”

Michael Carper, ePipe

“Sundial has been a great company to work with.  Our company uses the RealTime online system and it definitely meets our company needs.  When we have had the need to call tech support, they have always been very helpful and solved our issues quickly.  Our Account Manager has been great to work with, she is so pleasant when I talk to her on the phone and is always willing to help.  We will definitely continue to use them in the future.”

Dani Jelden Finance Manager Managed Healthcare Pharmacy

“We’ve been dealing with Gerri at Sundial Timekeeping since 2016.  Great pricing and great service. What more could you ask for?”

David Uriarte, H&K Group

“My clients love Sundial!  They have helped us add an additional revenue stream but most importantly they have helped us keep our existing clients.  The thing that separates them from their competitors is their responsiveness. When you call, they are there to help. Thanks for the great support.”

Randy Stuart, President, Administrative OneSource

“Sundial is an effective tool that has helped us become a better partner with our clients!”

Kelly Moran, Allied Personnel

“Sundial Timekeeping has been a lifesaver for our company. No more old fashioned paper time cards to have to keep up with. Punching in and out has never been easier for our employees. The import into our payroll software has significantly cut down on the time it takes to process payroll. Love the system!”

Denise Bolger Boyle, Bolger Healthcare Facilities

“We have worked with Sundial for many years.  They are always ready and willing to help and handle any questions we have.  Their staff is top notch and are very pleasant to work with.”

Gail Barger Lannom, Priority Staffing Group, Ltd.

“Prior to switching to Sundial timekeeping, we were on paper. Despite the enormity of the task of moving 500+ employees from paper timesheets to an automated system, the process was seamless. With the first-class customer service that Sundial provides, we have always received the support that we have needed, enabling us to provide an even more positive customer service experience to our staff.”

Jenna Gordon, Ashley Manor, LLC & Affiliates, Chief Financial Officer

“Well, I can tell you that I am very satisfied with the service Sundial Time Systems has provided to our business here at Fairway staffing. Terry and John provide excellent customer service whenever it is needed not only to myself, however to my employees as well. They make sure that whatever issue we may have is taken care of asap. As of now I have not received one complaint from my clients with regards to our clock system. As long as we are in business we will continue to work with Sundial Time Systems.”

Jorge Gonzalez |Risk Manager Fairway Staffing Services, Inc.

“We have worked with Sundial Time Systems for many years and utilized their time clocks at several customers.  They have always been wonderful to work with and have created many different reports and outputs as requested by us to satisfy our customers!”

Jessica Holeman, TempStaff

“Realtime has successfully managed our employee’s time for the past 7 years”

Evan Yeaman, Coke Farm

 “We handle all our payroll in house, and the Sundial Time system helps us manage the process.  Our managers are able to easily log in and audit the hours in real time, and the reporting has been instrumental in providing the data we need to manage our business!”

Julie Pincus BML-Blackbird

“Sometimes in life, you can pinpoint a specific event or decision that truly made a difference for the future – For us, Sundial Timekeeping is that momentous pinnacle.  Working with Sundial is likely the best business decision we ever made.  Through guidance from Gerri Coleman, I’m confident that we’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have been lost to employee time theft and wasted administrative inefficiencies.  I just hope that we, as a business, can live up to the exceptional example that Sundial has been for us.” 

Robert D Beers, Chief Technology Officer, Transportation America