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Unlimited Support

No problem too big. No question too small.

A problem with your timekeeping system can quickly escalate into a crisis. That’s why we are committed to providing fast, comprehensive service whenever you need it. Our goal is to resolve your issue on your first call. If things get a little more complex, we will work closely with you until you have the solution you need.

80% of support tickets are resolved with just one email or phone call.

No Tech Support Fees. Ever.

Support is such an integral part of what we do that it is always included with your subscription at no additional cost.

Support Stories

“I ran into an issue a couple weeks back where it was after hours and I was trying to generate a report and it was just not working. I sent in an email just hoping to God that it would be seen. Within 15 minutes I got an email that said ‘try it now’ and it worked! Being able to get a hold of them in situations like that is great.”

Peter Guzman

“Before Sundial converted to the cloud, one of my large clients used an installed version of it. They were supposed be backing up their network but found out that their IT person did not backup a thing. Terry worked with me overnight to rebuild their database and get them back up and running by the next morning.”

Susan Primrose, Product Manager, PayPlus Software

“I can’t tell you how many times they’ve fixed something that was a need of ours and they did it in just a couple hours or less. We’d be expecting an email saying ‘this is what it’s going to take’ or ‘we can’t do this’ and instead we get an email saying ‘it’s done. Try this and see if it’s what you’re looking for.’”

Mike Robinson

“The service is phenomenal… Let’s face it if you are in the middle of payroll and you can’t run a report, you need to be able to talk to somebody at that time. And with Sundial, whatever problems someone may have you will always get an answer. You will always get a person to call you.”

Debbie Boyle