Employee Time & Attendance Reports

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Employee Time & Attendance Reports

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Get an instant accounting of your employees’ time and attendance

Timekeeper comes with 24 fully configurable time and attendance reports that can help you locate inefficiencies, understand labor costs, and plan for future shifts. Each report can be grouped and segmented however you need. Custom views can be printed, saved, and shared with team members.


Available Reports


A detailed report on how much time off each employee has for each type of accrued hours.





A highly customizable report that uses your schedule rules to report on:

  • who started early
  • who started late
  • who left early
  • who left late
  • who’s been absent (planned or unplanned)
  • and who’s worked an unscheduled shift



A report detailing how many hours of each pay type your employees have worked for any given period.

A list of all employees’ contact information including address, phone email, emergency contact, and employee notes.

A list of employees that can be filtered and grouped by departments, pay periods, overtime rules, accrual plans, holiday groups, or job costing information.

A customizable report that breaks down your labor costs based on the job costing parameters you set up.

This highly dynamic report can be confiugred to show how hours are distributed across departments, employees, jobs, pay types, time of day or dates. You can see detail by employee, or summaries by department, task, or job.

Designed to ensure regulatory compliance, this report will show if employees are taking legally compliant lunch breaks.

A report listing all notes made on employee timecards either by the employee or their supervisor.

A report that show you how much overtime your employees are working as a percentage of their total time.

If a changes is made to an employee’s punch by a supervisor or manager, the punch audit will maintain a record of what was changed and by whom.

A simple report that will show each punch in/punch out.

This report will show exactly where your employees are punching in or out from including the whether they used a time clock, WebConnect, DeskPunch or Mobile Punch, the individual time clock ID, and (for Mobile Punch) GPS coordinates.

A printable calendar view of who is expected to work when based on the schedule rules you set up.

Example of Sundial Timekeeping Summary Sheet ReportA highly customizable time card report that can display up to 13 colums of infomration, including:

  • Worked
  • Regular Hours
  • Overtime Hours
  • Doubletime Hours
  • Holiday Hours
  • Vacation Hours
  • Differential
  • Salary
  • Any Monetary Type


An example of a Sundial Timekeeping Time Detail ReportA time card report that can be customized to show hour totals, pay type, punch pairs, earnings, and job costing information. Can be formatted to show detail or summary.

Example of a Sundial Timekeeping time overview reportA time card report that shows punch pairs, total hours, excpetions and modification.


An example of a Sundial Timekeeping time summary reportThis report shows hour totals grouped by:

  • Regular
  • Overtime
  • Doubletime
  • Differential
  • Lunch
  • Break
  • Total Earnings
  • Department
  • Or Any Job Tracking Data You Set Up


Can also be grouped by departments to get an idea of hours by department.

An example of a Sundial Timekeeping time off request reportA calendar view of all upcoming time off requests and whether they are pending or approved. Can also show denied requests.

Example of a Sundial Timekeeping time off request status reportA list of all pending time off requests whether they are pending, approved, or denied. Includes the date of the request, supervisor’s name, time off type, and number of hours requested.

Example of a Sundial Timekeeping time card reportA printable time card summary detailing:

  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Hour Types
  • Total Hours
  • Pay Rate
  • Earnings
  • Accruals

This report has cutomizable headers and footers. There is also a signature line for employee sign-off.

A sample of a Sundial Timekeeping timecard sign off reportA report that shows who has signed off on their time cards and when they signed. Shows pay period, hour types and totals, date of signoff, and whether the employee, their supervisor, or both signed off.

An example of a Sundial Timekeeping job costing tracking list reportA report that lists all your job costing items by tracking level, for example, all jobs by department or all departments by location. It can be formatted to include tracking codes and pay rates.

A very simple, straightforward list of who’s in and who’s not based on who punched in and who didn’t for any given time period.

Is there a report you use missing from the list? Let us know. We’ll work with you to ensure RealTime provides the solutions you need. Because if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

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Meet Debbie Boyle

Debbie Boyle

In 2008, Lexus of Highland Park had a problem. The clock that employees were using to punch in and out was unreliable at best.

“It was just an in-house time clock,” says Debbie Boyle, accounting manager. “It wasn’t on the computer or anything. I’ll be honest, half the time it didn’t work.” Which made payroll a time-consuming and frustrating process.

Finally fed up with the situation, Debbie and her team sought out a better solution …

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