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Time Clocks and Data Collection tools

Employee Time Clocks are one of the primary components of a functional Time and Attendance system, and provide a way to automatically collect punch information and deliver it to a computer system where the hours can be tabulated and recorded.

Sundial offers a broad assortment of Time Clock choices that include Badge based terminals, biometric time clocks, software programs and handheld devices. Each of these options have their purpose, along with certain unique benefits.

Face Recognition Time Clocks Hygienic 100% touch free punching through facial recognition. Pause briefly in front of the camera and get a Voice Response and visual success confirmation. With automatic mode switching, employees can alternate at will between Fingerprint and Facial recognition modes Easy to use touch screen for menu [more...]

Fingerprint time clocks are fast, simple to use, and affordable. This biometric time clock allows you to implement a "Touch and Go" operation for your employees. Just place a finger, listen for the audible "Thank you" message and continue.

Series 10 Barcode or Magnetic Badge Reader Time Clocks are easy and straightforward to use, and employee ID badges serve double purpose as employee ID and as barcoded time-in / time-out swipes, (or use with magnetic stripe employee cards). This next-generation time clock interfaces perfectly with RealTime™ or WebTime™ payroll time and attendance software. [more...]

This HandPunch Time Clock is a rugged Time and Attendance solution with lots of extras. Employee verification through hand geometry registers an employee in under a second. Perfect for industrial environments or where powerful job and data tracking features are required. Works well in environments where a fingerprint is hard to capture, this clock read the unique attributes of an employees hand. [more...]

The Sundial Proximity Time Clock is a full-featured employee time clock and can store up to 30,000 employees per clock. The Priximity Time Clock offers full grace and rounding rules, autolunch settings, Job Cost codes and more right in the clock. [more...]

Sundial Time Systems will gladly work with you to determine the best possible time clock choice(s) for your environment and assist you in finding the lowest possible cost.

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